Speaking for myself

8 - 11 years
Everyday ways to help your child with communication
Children talking to doctor with parents

Developed in partnership with Education Services Australia

Have you ever noticed how many people you communicate with during a week? Or how many ways you communicate? Or how you adjust your communication style to suit different situations?

To help your child develop this skill, encourage them to speak for themselves, rather than letting you do the talking for them. Here are a few opportunities:

  • in a restaurant, coffee shop or takeaway

    So, that's an orange juice for you and a pot of peppermint tea for me. Could you order when the waiter comes?
  • at the checkout

    Our bill is $15.80, so this $20 note will be enough. Please give it to the cashier, get the change and check that it's correct.
  • at the doctor

    While we drive to the clinic, let's talk about how you've been feeling so that you can tell the doctor about your symptoms.
  • phone calls with family

    Could you phone Grandma and ask what time the birthday party starts?
  • family messages

    I'm driving, so would you please text mum and ask her to buy some milk?

If needed, help your child to work out what to say. The more you coach your child in this way, the more confident and articulate they will become.



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Last modified
17 April 2020