Lights, camera, action!

5 - 11 years
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Is your child destined to be the next television star? Show them just how talented they are with this literacy exercise.

Storytelling is a great activity you can do with your child, as it promotes their literacy skills and creativity. This exercise hones both those skills and also encourages your child to think about the world around them through news and current affairs.

What you will need:

  • A newspaper
  • A smart phone, tablet or video camera
  • Some newsreader outfits, like an old tie or jacket
  • A bench or kitchen table

Encourage your child to read an article in the paper. It could be anything from the sporting headlines to the weather to the fashion pages. Talk about what they are reading and help them summarise it into a newsreader script.

Dress up your newsreader in an old tie or jacket. Let them really feel like they are playing the part. Then, sit them down at the bench or kitchen table. This is now the news studio.

You are the director. Lights, camera, action! Press the record button and let your child read their script to camera.

Once you have finished recording, watch your child’s fabulous news bulletin together and talk about what a clever newsreader they are.

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Last modified
1 August 2019