Sing it!

1 - 6 years
Child singing

Children get so much out of singing or being sung to. Singing helps with language skills, memory, rhythm, maths patterns and sounds, which are necessary for early reading. You can sing almost anytime or anywhere.

Routine songs

Encourage your child to sing as much as possible. For instance, they might sing, ‘This is the way we eat our toast’ over breakfast, or ‘Heads and shoulders, knees and toes’ when you are dressing them. Look out for buses when you are commuting to inspire a rendition of ‘The Wheels on the Bus’.

Rhyme time

Make up songs with your child—the sillier the better. If you can, include rhymes in the tunes to help with literacy. For example, ‘It’s time for bed, your book’s been read, so rest your head and cuddle Ted’.

Alphabet song

It is a great idea to sing the alphabet song as often as you can. This will become ingrained into your child’s memory and help them become school ready.

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Last modified
1 August 2019