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Primary school 7-11 years

Strong communication skills are one of the most important skills your child will need to succeed at school, and beyond! There are lots of simple things you can do to help your child develop strong communication skills. Our new Learning Potential Resources website has some great ideas. The activities on Learning Potential Resources are linked to the Australian Curriculum and help you to reinforce the skills that your child is learning at school. Here is an example that focuses on Year 3-4 literacy skills.

Have you ever noticed how many people you communicate with over a week? Or how many ways you communicate? Or how you adjust your communication style to suit different situations? You can help your child develop this skill by encouraging them to speak for themselves, rather than letting you do the talking for them. Here are a few opportunities:

  • in a restaurant, coffee shop or takeaway – e.g. placing the order, asking for water
  • at the checkout – e.g. handing over the money, accepting the change, checking it’s correct
  • at the doctor – e.g. describing their symptoms
  • phone calls with family – e.g. phoning grandma to ask what time the birthday party starts
  • family messages – e.g. writing reminder notes, texting Dad to buy milk.

If needed, help your child to work out what to say – for example, when you’re on the way to the doctor, ask your child what the doctor needs to know. The more you coach your child in this way, the more confident and articulate they will become.

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For more great ways to help your child with literacy and numeracy skills, visit Learning Potential Resources.

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