Alphabet and shape fun

4 - 6 years
Everyday ways to help your child with literacy and numeracy
Mother and daughter reading

Developed in partnership with Education Services Australia

Is your child still learning their letters, numbers, shapes and colours? Grab a magazine, catalogue or picture book, and help them practise with ideas like these:

  • find words that begin with a certain letter
    Can you find a word for every letter of your name?
    You learnt 's' at school this week. Let's find words that begin with 's'.
  • find pictures of things that start with a certain sound or letter
    Can you find anything that begins with the 'h' sound? Hhhhh ... I see a hat, a head and a hand. What letter makes the 'h' sound?
  • count things
    How many children are in this photo?
    Is there a picture with seven things?
  • read numbers
    Let's find all the numbers up to ten. Can you find a '1'? Great, how about a '2'?
    How many '8's are there on this page?
  • find different shapes
    There are lots of rectangles on this page. How about triangles? 
  • find colours
    Mum's favourite colour is green. Are there any green fruits in this ad?



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Last modified
7 April 2020