4 - 6 years
Everyday ways to help your child with literacy and numeracy
Father and son preparing food

Developed in partnership with Education Services Australia

Involving your child in cooking develops their vocabulary, and gives practice at counting, adding, subtracting and dividing. So encourage your child to join you in the kitchen, and add some of these ideas to your recipes:

  • talk about the ingredients – eg names, textures, smells, tastes
  • talk about the equipment and utensils you use – eg what they are called, what they do, how they work
  • involve your child in counting and measuring
    Could you wash three carrots?
    Let's measure two cups of flour.
    We need a dozen of these muffins for the fete. How many is that? Twelve! Let's count them out.
  • ask your child how to share the food that you've made
    How can we share these eight cakes among the four of us? How many would each person get?
  • ask your child to arrange containers by size.
    Which container holds the most? How could we check?



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Last modified
7 April 2020