Bonding with your baby

Up to 1 years
Father with baby

Your baby’s first two years of life are an important period of attachment and development. Playing with your baby is not only great fun, but it is essential for their development and connection with you. The act of playing with your baby helps them feel secure and confident in exploring their world.  Here are some easy games you can play to support your baby’s development while having fun together.


It doesn’t matter what you sing or how well you sing, your baby will love listening to your voice as you sing to them. Listening to you sing will also help your baby’s language, social and emotional skills.

Hide and seek

Babies love surprises!  Try hiding one of their favourite toys under a blanket, pillow or even behind your back, before revealing it to them. This is sure to be a big hit! This activity can help your little one focus and it teaches them that things can still exist even when they can’t be seen.


Grab a light fabric such as cot sheet, pillow case or baby wrap, and lay your baby on a soft mat or blanket. Then, wave the fabric above them and let them enjoy the sense of the wind above their face. This will build their body awareness and sensory development.

Funny faces

Pull funny faces for your baby and watch them delight and try to copy you. For example, shape your mouth like an O, make your eyes look surprised or make a funny grin. When your baby makes a face, try to copy their expression. Your little one will think this is fantastic and in doing so you are also helping their emotional skills and facial recognition.


Massages are a great form of relaxation for you and your baby, and it can help them develop their body awareness.  When your little one is calm and alert, try giving them a gentle massage – this great guide on baby massage will show you how. You can make this massage time a learning experience too by naming and talking about the different parts of the body as you go.

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Last modified
14 April 2020