Grandparents make learning fun

Up to 4 years
Grandparent and child

Grandparents have a lot to offer to support your child’s learning.

Grandparents can provide important support for many parents, often by picking up kids from school or spending time with them on the weekends. Grandparents can be encouraged to make the most of the time they spend with your children and help support their learning.

Reading and telling stories

Grandparents often have precious stories and life experiences to share. Telling stories and reading with your child can support their literacy skills, and it is also a wonderful bonding experience. Encourage your child’s grandparents to tell and read stories to your child.

Talking about the past

Children can learn a sense of respect for their elders through nurturing relationships with their grandparents. Hearing stories of the past, such as what life was like for Grandpa when he was a little boy and hearing how Grandma used to ride a horse to school, can give children an awareness of history. Stories about family history and traditions can build a sense of culture, belonging and heritage.

Learning everyday

Grandparents can help support your child’s learning in the everyday activities they do together. For example, you can encourage your child’s grandparents to point out and name trees, flowers, birds, and insects when they spend time outdoors with your child, encourage them to ask your child to help do a puzzle or help with measuring ingredients when cooking.

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Last modified
18 April 2020