Let's get the groceries

4 - 6 years
Everyday ways to help your child with literacy and numeracy
Father shopping with son

Developed in partnership with Education Services Australia

Grocery shopping can feel like a chore, but it’s also a great chance to develop your child’s literacy and numeracy skills. Here are a just a few things you can ask your child to do:

  • help create a shopping list
    What do we need?
    What letter does that start with?
    How many bok choi do we have left?
  • find items in the supermarket
    Where do we find the coffee?
    Which aisle has the soy sauce?
  • read numbers above aisles, on price labels, and on products
  • count items and work out how many more you need
    These two zucchini are good, but we need six all together. How many more do we need to find?
  • compare the sizes and weights of different items
    Do you think the peanuts are heavier or lighter than the rice crackers?
  • compare prices
    How much does the blue packet cost? How much does the red one cost? Which one is cheaper?
  • help find the coins you need
    We need a twenty-cent piece and a ten-cent piece, can you find them for me? How much does that make?



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Last modified
7 April 2020