Mirror, mirror on the wall

Up to 1 years
Baby looking at mirror

Looking for simple ways to teach your baby about faces, facial expressions, self-awareness, and object permanence? Look in a mirror! Most babies find reflections fascinating, and love playing games like these over and over.

The two of us

As you look in the mirror together, touch the parts of your face and your baby’s face, and name them. As your baby gets a bit older, talk about expressions too.

Here are my eyes  open! close! open! And here are your eyes!
My mouth is in a big smile because I'm happy!

Where’s the baby?

Look into the mirror together, there's a baby! Now cover the mirror – what happened to the baby? Uncover the mirror and look again – the baby is back! Your baby will love the surprise, and gradually learn that objects still exist even when you can't see them.

Where's the baby gone? ... There you are! That's you! 

Dressing up

If you have a mirror where you dress your baby, name different body parts as you touch them, and point at them in the mirror.

Where's your foot? Here it is! Let's put this sock on.

Time for reflection

Place a baby-safe mirror so that your baby can see their reflection, and encourage them to look. The changing expression of the 'other' baby is fascinating, and your baby may reach out, smile or even talk to them.

Tummy time

Babies need to spend time on their tummy to strengthen their head, neck and upper body. Putting a baby-safe mirror in front of your baby during tummy time can be a good way to entertain them.

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Last modified
18 April 2020