Snip your way to fine motor skills

3 - 8 years
Child cutting paper

Scissor activities are an excellent way to promote fine motor skills, improve hand–eye coordination and aid concentration. Here are some scissor activities you can do at home to help your child with their learning.

Children should always be supervised and ensure the scissors are put away in a safe place once they have finished. Additionally, age-appropriate scissors should be provided to your child.

Cutting playdough

This activity works best for younger school children learning how to write. The muscles in the hand are used for fine motor skills, which your child needs for proper pencil grip. Encourage your child to try and cut through playdough to help strengthen those muscles. You could even make a game of it by pretending your child is working in a sausage factory.

Paper plate snake spiral

Give your child a paper plate and challenge them to make a snake. They can do this by cutting the paper plate into a spiral. Tell them the aim of the game is to make the snake as long as they can without breaking it.

Paper snowflakes

Fold a piece of paper up into quarters and encourage your child to cut holes in it. When they open the paper, they will have a beautiful snowflake which can be attached to a window.

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Last modified
17 April 2020