Wonderful words and silly sentences

8 - 10 years
Ideas to help your child practise their literacy skills - with you, and online
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Developed in partnership with Education Services Australia

The Australian Curriculum sets the goal for what all students should learn as they progress through their school life. Skills in the Year 3-4 curriculum include:

  • creating pieces of writing and spoken texts
  • modifying texts to make them more interesting.

It’s easy to help your child practise these skills as part of everyday life – just use these simple ideas.

Get silly!

Creating silly sentences is a fun way for your child to play with language and develop their understanding of connecting words. The Silly Sentence game can be played anywhere with any number of people:

  • one person starts a sentence, finishing with a connecting word such as and or then or when or because
  • the next person finishes the sentence in a silly way, then continues the story or starts a completely new sentence with a new connecting word.

Use lots of adjectives and adverbs to make the sentences even more silly, and build your child's vocabulary!

  • I was walking sleepily to school when...
  • I suddenly realised that I was wearing my princess pyjamas, so...
  • I quickly jumped into a prickly bush and hid quietly until...
  • ...

You can vary the game to Surprising Sentences, Sad Sentences, Scary Sentences, or whatever takes your fancy!

Go online

For online reinforcement, Wonderful words, creative stories: pets will give your child practice at:

  • using adjectives and adverbs to add interest to a sentence.



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Last modified
7 April 2020