Developing green thumbs early

2 - 6 years
Kids planting plants

Kids have an in-built curiosity about nature, and your own plants can be a fabulous way to introduce young children to understanding about how plants grow and the enjoyment of growing flowers and vegies.

Talk to your child about the natural world. Discuss the role of sunshine, water and soil in helping plants grow.

Give your child the opportunity to grow their own flowers or plants—one or two pot plants perhaps. This gives them a sense of ownership. They will love watching their plants grow from seeds or seedlings. If a child sees vegies and herbs growing and tends to them each day, this is likely to encourage them to eat fresh foods.

Take your child to choose seeds or seedlings that they will enjoy nurturing, such as herbs, lettuce, baby carrots and lavender. Think of interesting ways to plant them, for example in the back of a toy dump truck. A few painted pebbles placed around the new plants will make for a cute fairy garden.

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Last modified
1 August 2019