Getting off to a strong start in high school

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High school 12-14 years

The move from primary to high school is a big milestone in your teen’s life. It can also be a bit of an adjustment—from top of the tree in primary school, to bottom of the ladder in high school. So everything you can do to make that transition a smooth and happy one will help your teen adjust to this exciting new stage in their lives.

Buddy system

Often, high school students revisit their old primary school to give final-year primary students the heads up on what to expect when they graduate to high school. Sometimes a buddy system is created for the newcomers too. These transition programmes are designed to help students settle in quickly, so encourage your teen to take part in any that may be on offer.

Orientation days

Many secondary schools hold special orientation days or events for new students in the year before they start, so make sure your teen participates in these. Visiting the school and meeting their teachers and other students will help them feel more comfortable in their new environment.

Work to a date

Make sure you know the date school starts and work towards it. Plan what you and your teen will do on the day—from getting there, to a special afternoon tea or dinner to celebrate the big move.

Get organised

Purchase uniforms and textbooks well in advance so your student is organised to start. Include your teen in planning healthy foods they can take to eat at school.

Practice runs

Get all the details on transport to and from school—especially if the high school is further from home than their primary school was. Have a practice run in advance so your teen feels confident about making the trip.

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