The whole of house approach to stress-free study

12 - 18 years

Watch our video for a whole of house approach to effective study—it all starts in the kitchen.

It’s not easy being a teenager. Their bodies are going through all sorts of changes. Friendships are evolving. And the pressures of school just seem to increase every year.

So how can you help them to manage some of that stress? Well, you can focus on three things: kitchen, bedroom and study.


  • If your teen is getting the right food, they are going to find it easier to concentrate and they will sleep better too.
  • What are they reaching for when they’re studying? Stock the kitchen with healthy food such as fresh fruit, vegetables and nuts.
  • Encourage them to keep their brain and body hydrated by drinking lots of water.
  • Prepare quick, easy and healthy main meals that are packed with long-lasting energy such as eggs, stir-fries and curries.


  • If your teen finds it difficult to sleep, encourage them to do a little bit of exercise. Exercise relieves stress and relaxes the body so they can get a good night’s sleep.
  • Encourage your teen to turn off electronic devices before bed. Watching TV, computer gaming and social media activities keep your teenager’s brain awake, and there is also evidence that the light from these devices makes it harder to get to sleep.
  • Encourage your teen to keep their bedroom clutter free. Make a once-a-week clean-up part of their study routine or encourage them to do a quick five- or 10-minute tidy every day to keep the mess under control. They will feel much better organised and positive in a de-cluttered space.


  • A lot of teenagers study in their bedrooms but sometimes the bedroom has too many distractions. Suggest your teen tries studying in a few other spots. It could be that a change of scenery every now and then—maybe the kitchen, the lounge or even the veranda—will help them to focus better.
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Last modified
1 August 2019