Books galore!

Up to 1 years
Baby reading books

Exposing your baby to books right from the start is great for their brain development. Listening and watching you read will help your baby with their language and emotional development, and help encourage a life-long love of books.

Choosing books

In the early years, your baby won’t be focused on the storylines of books. Instead, they will love being held in your arms, listening to your voice, hearing rhyme and rhythm, and looking at pictures as you read to them. Babies love the pictures in all types of children’s books, but younger babies will respond particularly well to books with pictures of babies and faces, and to black and white images. This is because high contrast images are easier for young eyes to focus on.

Books on hand

Little babies learn about the world around them by looking, touching and tasting. Babies love books with different textures so they can hear, see and feel the book. If your baby is a little bit too “hands on” (or mouth on!) with their books and the pages are being ripped, try books that your baby can handle without breaking – books made of thicker cardboard; soft, non-toxic waterproof plastic or cloth are great for little fingers.

Bargain books

Keep your eyes peeled for inexpensive places to buy children’s books. Garage sales, fetes, op shops, and book fairs are often great places to find good quality, used children’s books at a fraction of the cost of brand new ones.

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Last modified
18 April 2020