Bookshop – open for business!

3 - 6 years
Child with stack of books

Exposing your pre-schooler to books will prepare them for school and encourage a love of reading. This fun activity will help your child with their language, comprehension, and social skills.

Encourage your child to be a shopkeeper for a bookshop. Their “shop” can be a bookshelf or a table covered in their favourite books.

Pretend to be a customer browsing in the shop. Pick up each of the books and ask your child to tell you about them. By doing this, you are encouraging your little one to recall storylines, which is excellent in developing comprehension skills.

Ask your child thoughtful questions to get them talking about the books such as,

“What kind of person would like this book?”

“What is this book similar to?”

“What are the names of the people in this book?”

You can encourage older children to make signs with the prices of the books – it’s a great way for little ones to practise writing their numbers!

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Last modified
1 August 2019