Books every teen should read

12 - 18 years

It’s impossible to agree on a list of books that all teenagers must read, but these ideas will help your teen find some good books for them. So read on!

Start with their interests

What is your teen into right now? If they have a favourite movie or TV series, look for books that are directly related, or in the same genre. If they love cooking shows, find some books about food. If their walls are covered in posters of football stars, look for football magazines, or biographies of players and coaches. If they’re into vampire fantasies, you’ll find plenty of novels in that genre. Superhero movies? Head for the comics and graphic novels!

Follow their passions

Some teens have a passion for particular areas, such as astronomy, Vikings or electric guitars. Encourage them to find books that relate—both fiction and non-fiction.

Don’t forget the classics

Before the young adult fiction category was invented, there were still plenty of great books that teenagers enjoyed reading, and many of the stories will be familiar from movies and TV. Don’t assume that ‘old’ will necessarily be ‘boring’ to a teenager.

Remember your favourites

What books did you love when you were young? Sharing these with your teen can generate some great conversations!

Relate to your family

Other family members are also a good source of book recommendations, and can give your teen something to talk about with the rellies on Skype or at family get-togethers. They might even discover a shared passion.

Let them guide you!

Get your teenager to recommend some books that you might like to read, and then talk about them together. You might be surprised at what you learn and it’s a great way to strengthen your relationship.

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Last modified
1 August 2019