Dear diary, writing to you is so good for me

5 - 11 years

Some children may like to keep a diary or journal. If you encourage your child to spend some time writing their thoughts down in a diary, you are helping them learn the following skills:

Memory and social skills

If your child chooses to write about the events of their day, they will be strengthening their memory as well as developing their own sense of belonging and control. Your child’s diary will help them get to know themselves better.


By writing in their diary, your child might be thinking about upcoming events and planning for the future.

An outlet for emotions

A diary can be a good way for your child to let out their emotions. By writing their thoughts down, your child can communicate a range of feelings such as anger, excitement and happiness.

Solve problems and resolve issues

By writing their thoughts in a diary, your child may be working problems out and resolving issues through seeing them in black and white.

Should you read your child’s diary?

Talk to your child about their diary and see how they feel about sharing it with you. Do not push the issue if your child would prefer to keep it private. You can still be part of the diary writing process by encouraging your child to write in it regularly.

Type of diary

You can buy your child a diary from a stationery shop or you can easily make a personalised one by covering an exercise book with colourful wrapping paper.

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Last modified
17 April 2020