The Memory Magician

3 - 4 years
Child dressed as magician

Learning to listen and follow multi-step directions are important skills for preschoolers. Try this fun game to improve your little one’s comprehension, focus and number sense, and help prepare them for school. Your preschooler will have fun practising their listening skills and memory – and bossing people around!

How to play

  • Introduce the game:

    Let’s play the “Memory Magician” game! I am the Memory Magician and you have to do what I say! If you follow my instructions correctly, you’ll be the Memory Magician for a turn. Ready?
  • Start by saying:

    I’m the Memory Magician and I want you to… touch your nose.
  • After your child performs the action, say:

    Now you’re the Memory Magician, and you can give me two actions to do.
  • Help your child to repeat the intro, with two new actions (hold up two fingers to help your child keep count)

    I’m the Memory Magician and I want you to… jump on the spot, then poke out your tongue!
  • Follow your child's instructions, then take your turn again, giving three new instructions.

    I'm the Memory Magician and I want you to ... blink, then give me a high five, then flop on the couch.
  • See how many instructions you and your child can remember and complete!

This game also helps your child to practise ‘whole body listening’ – when the Memory Magician is talking, they have to look them in the eyes and pay full attention. This will help prepare your child for classroom learning.

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Last modified
19 April 2020