Parent resources for Foundation Year

4 - 6 years
Families in everyday activities

Is your child in their first year of schooling? Find everyday ways to help with their literacy and numeracy skill development with our suite of thirty parent resources for Foundation Year!

What is Foundation Year?

Foundation Year is the first year of compulsory schooling. This year is called Kindergarten (NSW and ACT), Preparatory or Prep (Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania), Reception (South Australia), Pre-Primary (Western Australia), and Transition (Northern Territory).

What’s available?

Learning Potential has thirty articles with tips on how to help your child practise the literacy and numeracy skills they are taught at school in Foundation Year. The ideas are simple, practical, and designed to be part of your everyday life with your child – whether you’re reading, playing, shopping, chatting, gardening, cooking, or just hanging out together. Many of the articles also suggest an online activity.

These articles were developed in partnership with Education Services Australia, and reinforce the skills set out in the Foundation Year of the Australian Curriculum.

How do I find them?

If you’re on our website:

  • click on Search
  • on the left of the screen, find the Curriculum Level section
  • select Foundation.

Here are just a few examples of the articles you’ll find.

  • Alphabet and shape fun
  • Hands on with maths
  • Letter hunt
  • Name the day
  • Up, down, left or right?



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30 June 2021