What's cooking?

6 - 8 years
Everyday ways to help your child with literacy and numeracy
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It’s never too early to interest your child in cooking! To blend some literacy and numeracy skills into your recipes, try these top tips:

  • talk about the food you come across in children’s books
    That's a strange thing to bake in a pie. Do you think it would taste good?
  • look through recipe books and magazines together
    Is there a good recipe for pasta? 
    Do we have all those ingredients?
  • talk about ingredients, equipment, and cooking steps
    Caramelising the onions will bring out the natural sugar so they taste sweet.
    First we sear the meat to seal in the juices, then we turn the temperature down. 
  • involve your child in the process, eg measuring ingredients, stirring, monitoring cooking times
    How much does the chicken weigh? Could you check on the scales?
    We need to turn the oven down after 40 minutes. It's 4.30 now, so what time will that be?
  • encourage your child to write about the food they help make
    Why don't you text a photo of the sushi to Nanna, and tell her how we made it? 



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Last modified
7 April 2020