Three games to improve memory

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Primary school 5-9 years

Having a good memory certainly helps with your child’s learning. Try these three games:

The Direction Game

Give your child three silly directions to follow, such as, ‘I would like you to do the following three things. I want you to walk around the lounge room backwards, then put that red cup underneath the table and then lie on the rug.’ Gradually increase the number of directions as the game progresses. You could keep a record of their best scores for the number of directions they can remember, and encourage them to improve on this each time they play.

The Clapping Game

Primary school teachers often use this fun game. Clap a short rhythm sequence and ask your child to clap it back to you. As they improve, make the clapping sequences longer.

Make your child the teacher

You are the student, so sit in front of your child, armed with a notebook and pen. Ask your child to teach you something they have learnt at school. Put up your hand occasionally and ask questions, as a school student would. You are helping them revise and digest the information they have been given at school.

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