Creating a reading space for your child

3 - 4 years
Child reading

Reading with your child can take place anywhere: in the lounge room, in a highchair or outside. Creating a special reading space for your child can help them understand that your time reading to them is important. You don’t need a whole room, just a small space you can curl up together in that has the right environment for reading.

Have books around

You don’t need a dedicated bookshelf, just try having books around where your child can reach them. If you don’t have space for a bookshelf, a book box can work just as well. Let your child put their books together on a shelf or in their book box to give them a sense of ownership.


Ensure your reading space has plenty of light. Try to find a spot near a window for natural light, or somewhere close to a lamp or overhead lighting so your child can see their books clearly, particularly at night.


Make reading time comfortable for your child. If they have a favourite chair or place they like to sit, encourage that as a reading space.

No distractions

When your child is reading, try to keep the reading space free from noisy distractions such as the television or phone—even better, just turn them off for special reading time.

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Last modified
18 April 2020