How to pick the best books for your child

5 - 11 years
Child reading

When your child is in primary school they will be encouraged to read books at home. Here are some top tips for picking the right reading books for your child.

Let your child choose 

Your local library has lots of books for children of all ages. Let your child browse the bookshelves and choose the books that interest them. If you let your child choose the books they want to read, you are helping them develop a sense of independence and responsibility that will boost their confidence. They are also more likely to want to read a book they choose for themselves, than one that is chosen for them.

Too many tricky words?

Try this quick test to see whether a book is too difficult for your child. Flick through the book and pick a random page. If you see five or more words on the page that you think your child might struggle with, they are probably not ready for that book yet. Help them to pick another one.

Stay with them while they read

Encourage your child to read out loud with you nearby, to help them work out tricky words.

Talk about it

Talk with your child about the books they read. Ask your child what they thought about what happened in the story, which parts they liked best, what was exciting, funny or sad. Talk about the meaning of the story and different words. Ask them if they found the book easy to read or difficult, so you can help them to choose books that are at the right level for them next time.

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Last modified
17 April 2020