Word of the Week

Toy blocks with letters - spelling WORD
Primary school 5-11 years

This activity will help your child tackle the spelling of tricky words and assist with their comprehension and vocabulary.

When your child encounters a difficult word in their reading, encourage them to practise reading and spelling that word as much as possible. Ensure your child understands the meaning of the word and the different contexts in which it could be used in sentences. Call it the ‘Word of the Week’.

Write the Word of the Week on a piece of paper and stick it to the fridge

Encourage your child to read and spell the word whenever they open the fridge. You could stick the word on other places too, for instance, your child’s bedroom door, bathroom mirror and even in their lunchbox.

Use the Word of the Week everywhere

Incorporate the Word of the Week into as much conversation as possible. This can result in fits of giggles. For example, you could say something like, ‘I hope you have an elephant of a time at school tomorrow. I’ve made you elephant sandwiches. Don’t forget to wear your elephant.’

Have fun with it

Spring an on-the-spot spelling quiz of the Word of the Week on your child when they least expect it, for instance, when they are cleaning their teeth or getting into the car.

Play games with the Word of the Week

For example, ask your child to spell it backwards or spell it without the letter ‘E’.

As your child’s reading and spelling improves, you can introduce two or three Words of the Week.

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